Doctors of osteopathy start out with

the premise that the human organism is a healthy, functioning system.

But our well-being and health are negatively influenced by smaller or larger accidents, operations, infections, one-sided physical strain as well as emotional stress and a range of life-style and nutritional habits.

The arising tension and restrictions of movement lead to an accumulation of compensational patterns that can only be maintained by a huge amount of energy.

The osteopath's work is to find and diagnose these at times quite subtle tension strains and restrictions of movement, and treat them with a respectful, manual approach.

Important Notice

Dear patients –
please be aware that for legal reasons I am not allowed to list all possible areas of osteopathic treatment.

I am happy to talk to you about when osteopathy is useful and when it’s not, and discuss which form of treatment makes sense for your situation.

Viscerale Osteopathie, Osteopathie der Organe

Osteopathy. Support Health and Well-Being