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Doctors of osteopathy start out with the premise that the human organism is a healthy, functioning system.
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The basic concepts of osteopathy were developed by the American physician Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828–1917). He extensively studied human anatomy and physiology, focusing especially on the form and structure of the bone, where the forces affecting the skeleton become manifest.
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Osteopathy is not included in the service catalogue of the German state health insurance companies.
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Target groups

Osteopathy is a gentle and respectful method of treatment. It is suitable for people of all ages, from babies to toddlers to senior citizens. I also give advice to expecting mothers and accompany them during pregnancy and the aftercare period following birth.
I studied osteopathy in a part-time program at the Schule für klassische Osteopathie in Hamburg. I regularly attend advanced education and training seminars about osteopathy. I am a member of hpO and of the SCCO.
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You can reach me by phone on 0177 536 49 18 or via email.
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Important Notice

Dear patients – please be aware that for legal reasons I am not allowed to list all possible areas of osteopathic treatment. I am happy to talk to you about when osteopathy is useful and when it's not, and discuss which form of treatment makes sense for your situation.

The body knows exactly

what it needs to get well. The osteopath's job is to listen, to adjust the method of treatment to the individual patient and thus to encourage and facilitate healing.

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Osteopathy. Support Health and Well-Being